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First offcial blog post

Aloha, Welcome, Wilkommen E’komo’mai.

We did it the new site is up an running. We hope you enjoy to follow a new sensation: The Skatesurfer. Skateboarding was invented to bring surfing to the streets. Almost 40 years after the groundbreaking invention by the Z-Boys, we tried something new. We removed the traditional truck in the front of a Skateboard and replaced it with a new system. The idea is actually stunningly simple and reminds of a shopping cart wheel as it swings 360 degrees.

We launched the Skatesurfer only this spring in Germany and already it became a success. More and more people find the new way of generating speed with the Skatesurfer highly addictive as it feels like pumping along a wave with an actual surfboard. Thanks to Web 2.0 you have the ability to become directly involved with the worldwide growth of the Skatesurfer. You will be able to get the latest updates on the Skatesurfer here on our blog or on our Facebook page. Be the first in your town with a Skatesurfer, send us picture and become a member in our gallery of Skatesurfer Pioneers.


Mike & O’Barns

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